Thursday, September 3, 2009

Career in MyCoachStore; Agents needed!!!

Anyone's interested to be our agent or reseller??

Email me for further discussions and conditions..Thanks!!!! ;))


Anonymous said...

Hi, i MAY be interested in this but i have a few questions.

here is my email


Chris said...

hi can email me more details. Im keen. whats the discount like? can email me the prices also for all yr bags? are they really lower then market price?

linahilmin said...

hi there,
i'm interested with this and i wanna know how's the plan, t&c...

thanks & regards,

atiza said...


i'm interested to become ur agent/reseller..pls email me the details


Tweets said...


I'm interested. May I have more details?
Ms Chan

huisia said...

I am interested also. Currently staying in China, please email me for more details.