Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! : Other Authentic Designers Handbags Coming Up!! NOW Open For International Buyers!!!!

hi guys....ive been constructing a deal with my supplier...and real SOON...ill put up new handbags from other designers such as GUCCI, LV, Burberry etc...

Items selling including wallets...handbags etc depending on the availability of the product..

It is best for u to request the bag yourself along with a picture of it..and i will check on the availability of the items. I'll personally email u the price along with the courier cost. Some of the price shown here are all including postage to local area.

For these particular brands..I am willing to send it overseas..but please bear with me the time of delivery and shipping costs. It will take between 4-8 weeks for both local and international shipping period. It is crucial for we need to carefully check ur item before we send them out.

International and Sabah Sarawak buyers have to pay extra for the shipping cost..and it will take some time before the items arrive to your doorstep. I'll quote a price for international buyers specifically according to your country currency rate.

These are very very very valuable pieces..and i will not take any risk by shipping them with regular post.. i will be using Gdex and Dhl for these purposes...

The bags are all authentic 100%..Im not dealing with any replicas in any business deal..replicas are out of question here..They are all from US, UK and other Europe countries..and they come in limited numbers..so please bear with me the quantities available.

Thanks for your time!! I'll talk to you soon!!! Enjoy!!

Here are some of the photos : (the pics are not the exact bags..it's only an example of what product do i have available (again..i have to check with my suppliers)).

(will update soon!!! but u can send any request..i will look up for u!)

p/s: International buyers will have to pay by paypal.